About Us

Emerald Frontier is an electronic-driven musical trio featuring live percussion, bass, keyboards and poetic vocals. Enrapturing the listener through hypnotic sound and seductive lyrics, Emerald Frontier invites the audience on a journey. The group, originally a duo called Tygerlily, was formed in June 2011 by Tracy Jupiter and Adrienne Marie. In 2015, Heather Dillehunt joined and Emerald Frontier's untamed exploration of sultry, gritty sound began to grow even more. Adrienne comes from a background in performing arts, poetry and songwriting. Heather has a background in dance and music. Tracy comes from a lifetime dedicated to writing and playing music. Each inspired by the sacred, beautiful and profane, these three have come together to crystallize their wild creativity and eclectic talent through sound. Accents with tambourine, doumbek and finger cymbals infuse the dark-wave soundscape with a Middle Eastern flavor. The vulnerability and power of their sound will lure you into their intimate space and leave you pulsing with passion. Their first EP, Embrace the Wildness was released in 2013 and their new album, Bodies of Water will be released in August 2015.